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    3 Must Buy Items in Korea

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    • Data : 19-06-04 07:04

    3 Must Buy Items in Korea

    There are must-buy items when you travel abroad. What would be the must buy items of Korea?

    ① Red ginseng

    Korean red ginseng, popular as a gift for foreigners visiting Korea, is the most representative food product of ‘K Food’. Due to its effects in improvement of immunity and fatigue restoration, it is one of the must-buy items in Korea.

    ② Cutlery Set

    A souvenir of the K-Food. Especially, an handcrafted exotic cutlery set is very popular.

    ③ Road Shop Cosmetics

    As Korean girl groups become more popular, an interest in Korean cosmetics is rising, and the low-priced and high-quality cosmetic products of Korea are very popular.